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About Jen.


Jen discovered romance novels as a Very Cool (TM) teenager, when she volunteered at the local library after school (as Very Cool teens often do). At the time, the specific appeal was that they had way more sex in them than the Nancy Drew books she'd been reading... but she also loved the feminism, optimism, and unrelenting pursuit of happy ever after—even in the darkest times. 

Determined to become a romance writer, Jen made the obvious decision to major in astrophysics. When that didn't work out (did you know they require you to do homework?), she got a degree in hospitality instead, then spent a decade managing restaurants in NYC and Portland before finally settling down to write. 

She now lives in Portland, Oregon with her cat, a sassy husky-malamute, and a rotating collection of short-lived plants.

Jen is represented by the most excellent Eva Scalzo at Speilburg Literary agency.

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